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Our set packages

All our packages are completely customisable according to your wants and needs. Get in touch to find out more, to book your offshore adventure, or to design your own custom experience.

Deep-sea fishing

Enjoy a fun day out on the ocean with a deep-sea fishing experience. Available all along the east coast of South Africa, our experienced team will take you to the best fishing spots in the Indian Ocean, giving you the opportunity to catch everything from dorado and yellowfin tuna to daga salmon, marlin, sailfish and so much more. You might even spot some whales and dolphins on your trip!

Depending on your preference, we offer both bottom and game fishing experiences. All fishermen must have their own fishing permits. You can keep everything you catch to take home for some delicious fresh fish (excluding billfish).

We are part of an international movement encouraging the protection of billfish. Should you catch a billfish during your fishing expedition, we encourage you to release it back into the wild. If you choose not to release it, we will donate the fish to a children’s home feeding programme, along with any other fish you elect not to take home.

This package includes:

KZN whale-watching experience

From May to November, the KZN coastline plays host to the migration of humpback whales as they travel from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Mozambique and Madagascar to breed. Around 7000 whales make their way along this route during winter, and our 2-hour tour will give you the best chance at getting up close and personal with these majestic giants.

To give you the best chance at seeing the humpbacks in person, this package is only available between May and November. While our skipper knows exactly where to take you for the greatest chance at seeing whales, sightings are not guaranteed.

This package includes:

Pleasure cruise

From sunrise and sunset cruises to mid-day trips to some truly beautiful spots, pleasure cruises give you the unrivalled opportunity to kick back and enjoy the view from a completely new perspective. Whether you just want to take in the beauty of nature, or if you have a specific site you’d like to see for yourself, our team will ensure that your experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

This package includes:

Snorkel with wild dolphins

Many nature-lovers dream of swimming with wild dolphins in the open ocean – and now you can make that dream a reality. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are home to many pods of free-roaming dolphins, and this unique tour allows you to don your snorkel and goggles and share the sea with these peaceful creatures. As these are wild dolphins, how close they let you get will be completely up to them; the purpose of this experience is not to touch them, but to observe them in their natural habitat.

While our experience has told us where you’re most likely to find dolphins, sightings are not guaranteed.

This package includes:

Please bring your own costume or own wetsuit (recommended during winter).

Guided spearfishing adventure

If you’ve never been spearfishing in South Africa, this is your chance! Hunt a wide variety of local fish in world-renowned spearfishing destinations such as Sodwana Bay, Cape Vidal and Aliwal Shoal, while our experienced guides show you all the best spearfishing spots and give you crucial tips to landing a catch. Will you manage to snag a wahoo, tuna or Spanish mackerel? There’s only one way to find out!

Our experienced crew knows exactly where the best spots for spearfishing are, and will take you to where the action is. You will be able to keep all the fish you catch.

This package includes:

Sardine run tour

Experience the greatest shoal on earth in what is known across the world is one of the most spectacular marine events! From May to July every year, our oceans teem with sardines as they make their way along South Africa’s east coast, attracting a host of predators such as dolphins, sharks, seals and more. Witness the unmatched sight of thousands upon thousands of sardines, a feeding frenzy of epic proportions, and even the occasional whale.

To give you the best chance at seeing the sardine run in full force, this package is only available from May to July.

This package includes:

Don’t forget – you can always get in touch with us to design your own custom offshore adventure!