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About Us

About Us

The African Offshore Safaris story

A tale of two friends who share the love of the ocean

David and Liam have been friends since their school days. After matriculating, the two uncovered a shared love of the ocean, and began diving together, driven by the sense of adventure in every dive. For both these avid sea-lovers, the best part of exploring the ocean is never knowing what you’re going to come across – every dive or outing is a unique experience. Both David and Liam are spearfishing enthusiasts, and their diving expertise allows them to harvest their own food in the most sustainable way possible.

After decades of discovering all the local ocean landscapes have to offer, the duo decided to share everything they’ve learned by founding African Offshore Safaris, giving their customers the exclusive opportunity to design their very own offshore adventure, while benefiting from the sage advice these experienced seafarers have to offer.

Meet the team

David Aldworth

Chief of Administration

David is a practicing advocate with many years of experience in the legal field. After obtaining his LLB from UKZN, David completed his articles, practiced as an attorney, and joined the KZN Society of Advocates 2016.

Liam Mullany

Chief of Operations & Professional Skipper

With years of experience in the tourism and tours industry, Liam cut his teeth as the head of entertainment and activities for one of the most exclusive hotels in Zanzibar, before running fishing charters for international guests for a number of years. He holds his category B professional skipper’s licence.